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China is now the world’s second largest crude oil importer and the fourth-largest crude oil producer. It is also rapidly becoming a world-class producer, consumer, and importer of natural gas. In short, for anyone involved in oil & gas as a producer, consumer, processor, vendor, or investor, what happens in China matters a lot for both businesses and personal pocketbooks.

Against this backdrop, China Oil Trader™ aims to provide an accessible, full-spectrum source of quality analysis and insights on China’s rapidly evolving oil & gas sector. We analyze the entire petroleum value chain from wellhead to gasoline pump because decisions made in China are often global market movers. China Oil Trader™ strives to make its analytical products as accessible as possible to offer maximum value to consumers.


China Oil Trader™ founder Gabe Collins grew up in the Permian Basin and has a deeply rooted enthusiasm for the petroleum industry. He is an honors graduate of Princeton University. During college he worked for two summers as a roustabout in the oilfields of Southeast New Mexico. Subsequently, Gabe has served as a Pentagon-supported research fellow at the U.S. Naval War College China Maritime Studies Institute and a private sector commodity market analyst. He speaks and reads Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.

He has published numerous oil and gas analyses in outlets including Oil & Gas Journal, The Naval War College Review, Orbis, Geopolitics of Energy, Hart’s Oil and Gas Investor, The National Interest, and The Wall Street Journal China Real Time Report. Gabe also co-founded the analytical portal. He is currently a student at the University of Michigan Law School and can be reached at

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